Private Equity


Badenoch’s third investment in July 2020 was in fintech start-up, Nude, which helps people save for and buy their first home.  Nude was formed to help customers achieve their goals in life, starting with home ownership and improving the outdated home-buying experience.  The Nude app has been designed to help and motivate aspiring home-owners to better understand their finances and the home-buying process, and Nude will offer savings and investment solutions so customers can save for and buy their homes in record time. 

Nude plans to apply for a banking licence to launch Nude mortgages, all part of its journey to become one of the most exciting finance companies in the world.

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“The challenges facing young people are huge, with a massive wealth imbalance, a complex financial system and little help.  We’ve been planning, testing and building Nude to make the financial world fairer and easier, starting with helping people buy their first home faster and easier than ever before.”

Crawford Taylor, CEO of Nude

“Nude is like having a friend that’s really good with money with you all the time.”

Marty Bell, Advisor to Nude