The United Kingdom - Why Scotland should Remain.


The most significant Holyrood Election in the short history of the Scottish Parliament has just returned the Scottish National Party to government for a record fourth term, albeit without a majority. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon immediately re-affirmed her demand for a second Scottish Independence Referendum in the lifetime of the next parliament post pandemic and she will command a majority in Holyrood for that Referendum with the support of the pro-separation Green Party. This is despite constitutional matters legally being reserved to Westminster.

Meantime, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just enjoyed equivalent electoral success in the English local council elections and, in both countries, the major casualty has been the once proud Labour party. The battle lines are drawn. England has revealed herself to be a stable and united centre-right country of aspiration governed by an English Conservative Party that wants to level up by harnessing the benefits of Brexit. In contrast, Scotland remains deeply and equally divided between Unionists and Nationalists but, meantime, is comfortable being governed by a left-leaning Scottish National Party that wants to level down, secure in the knowledge that Westminster will always pick up the tab for their “progressive” agenda. 

For those of us who recoil in horror at the prospect of another bitter and divisive Referendum in Scotland, it is necessary once again to advance the arguments in favour of Scotland remaining inside the UK. In this Devolution pamphlet, I put forward a positive vision of a more prosperous and fairer Scotland inside the UK. My firm belief is that the task of re-building Scotland post pandemic is boosted significantly by harnessing the benefits of the UK and, in these seven essays, I shall demonstrate why this vision of a more prosperous and fairer Scotland can ONLY be delivered by retaining rather than repudiating the Union.